About Sweta

Educational background

As a daughter of immigrant parents from India, Sweta was always instilled with the value of education. She pursued her BS in Decision Science at Carnegie Mellon University and ultimately received her PhD in Risk Management from Kings College London.

Sweta then went on to complete a post doctorate at Oxford University and worked as an adjunct professor at Columbia University. She realized through this academic journey just how fortunate she was to have parents who supported her education and had access to world class institutions that nurtured her curiosity.

"I have chosen to be an unapologetic communicator of sciences and facts, and I thrive in it. I also understand that correcting existing erroneous beliefs comes from first admitting to and accepting that we are all subliminally influenced by cognitive triggers outside of our control."

Empowering the untapped potential

Sweta also realized the historically disenfranchised demographics of people, mainly women and minorities, that have not had the privilege of such support and access. With the world’s global challenges already underway and looming ahead of us, it’s clear we need all hands on deck.

We need the creativity, intellect, and perspectives from those who have not yet had the opportunity to contribute their talents, and we must support their pursuits.

"We need to find compassion for others, find that common ground and consistently reach out."

Not only does everyone deserve a shot at a good education, but we also collectively NEED creative solutions to ensure our planet is habitable and prosperous.

Fostering diversity in STEM

Sweta believes this creativity and human ingenuity will come from women, and from the minority groups who have not yet had the opportunity to contribute meaningfully. Her passion is to support opportunities for women and minorities in STEM fields.

Science, technology and behavioural science will provide us with the toolkit of solutions we need to ensure we have a future on a planet that is thriving.

Risky Behavior

Podcast host

She is also the host of Risky Behavior, a dynamic podcast that explores controversial issues and discusses a variety of topics ranging from nutrition and climate change, to sex and prescription drugs.

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